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Sildenafil needs to be taken specifically as recommended by your healthcare provider.

Sildenafil (Viagra) is an anti-impotence medicine that has been used for years to address male impotence, or erectile disorder.

Sildenafil is not planned for breastfeeding or expectant females and can not be taken by females as a whole.

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If you experience a resilient and unpleasant erection (over 4 hours) this might be an instance of priapism.

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Whenever prior to beginning a brand-new procedure you need to see a medical professional, and taking Sildenafil is not an exception.

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Taking Sildenafil with some food is feasible, however if you are going to consume something which contains a bunch of fats it can influence the performance of the medicine.

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To see exactly how you respond to the dosage prescribed your physician could begin you on a most affordable dose of Sildenafil - 25 milligrams, although in many cases the Fifty Percent mg dose is prescribed.

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Such serious negative side effects as irritating or burning throughout urination, breakout, lack of breath, chest discomfort, reduction of hearing, fainting, masked vision, lightheadedness, lightheadedness, priapism, sudden intense loss of vision, or supplanting ears are rather unusual and should be reported to your health and wellness treatment carrier promptly.

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